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Cow Manure

Composted cow manure fertilizer makes an excellent growing medium for garden plants. When turned into compost and fed to plants and vegetables, cow manure becomes a nutrient-rich fertilizer. It can be mixed into the soil or used as top dressing.  

Cow manure tends to have a low nutrient analysis because, like sheep manure, it comes from animals grazing on grass. This makes it great as a general-purpose soil conditioner, and great for phosphorous-sensitive native plants when it is well rotted.

When using manure, remember to dig it into the garden as soon as possible. If it is left sitting on the surface, much of the nitrogen, particularly from chicken manure, can be lost as ammonia gas. Just fork it into the topsoil and the nitrogen will be available, in the short term, for any leafy vegetables. The beautiful organic matter will break down and build up the nutrient and water-holding capacity in the soil. It’s good stuff and very popular with our customers!